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The ceremonial copy of California benefit corporation law.


Startworks made its first investment in 2007 in New Resource Bank, a San Francisco based bank which aspired to be the bank for businesses and organizations building a better world.  Amalgamated Bank (AMAL: Nasdaq) acquired New Resource Bank in 2018.

Startworks’ first project was the book Great from the Start, which resulted from a prototype university program for entrepreneurs held in 2008. Great from the Start not only shows how to build a company for success in the prevailing economic paradigm where the corporation exists solely to maximize profits for shareholders, but also shows how to design a company for success in the emerging economic paradigm, the B Economy, in which corporations exist to optimize both good and profit.  Great from the Start suggests how to build a purposeful business that is a force for good, reflects its values, and acts appropriately as a responsible global citizen. For leaders who aspire to operate from the heart, believe in abundance and play power with instead of power over, Great from the Start suggests how to leverage neuroscience and the science of consciousness to inspire and lead a corporation so that it is optimized for how human beings work best.

In 2010, Startworks co-founded Chrysallis, a behavior change company, leading the Series A funding and a subsequent secured convertible debt funding.  In the pre-benefit corporation world, Startworks designed custom governance architecture which incorporated Chrysallis’ heroic purpose and values in its charter documents and created a voting trust holding super voting shares to ensure that the company would stay true to its mission. Chrysallis was acquired by Aduro in 2016.

In 2015, Startworks began investing in benefit corporations and businesses committed to creating the infrastructure for the new economic paradigm. Such investments include: B the Change Media, a multi-platform media company focused on business as a force for good in the world; the Force for Good Accelerator, the first accelerator / fund for women- and people of color-owned, climate-change solving, “Best for the World” B Corporations; and the B Lab Europe Foundation, the European affiliate of B Lab, the creator of the Certified B Corporation social and environmental impact assessment tool and leader of the global community of Certified B Corps.

In 2017, Startworks brought the benefit corporation model to Hollywood as the first committed investor in an independent feature film, No Time for Kings. The film production company is an Oregon limited liability company organized as a benefit company and the manager is a California benefit corporation.

In 2019, Startworks became the lead investor in Awakening a Force for Good, LLC, a film production company producing a full-feature documentary film on the global movement of business as a force for good, Awakening a Force for Good.  As with No Time for Kings, the film production company is an Oregon limited liability company organized as a benefit company and the manager is a California benefit corporation.

In 2020, Startworks participated in the Series C financing of Berrett-Koehler Publishers, a B Corp dedicated to connecting people and ideas to a world that works for all.  ImpactAssets, on behalf of the Libra Social Investment Fund, was the lead investor in this financing.